Advanced Concussion Training

What is it?

Advanced Concussion Training (ACT) is a 60-90 minute comprehensive concussion educational seminar customized for your organization.

How does it work?

Using curriculum developed by Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founders Christopher Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu, each seminar provides the information and inspiration to play safer sports through a multimedia presentation provided by trained staff.

Who is it for?

Families, coaches, teachers, medical professionals, and athletes beyond the high school level.

What does the curriculum include?

Each seminar provides information on the 12 modules critical to proper concussion management.

  1. Concussion Basics
  2. Concussion Recognition
  3. Concussion Response
  4. Concussion Diagnostic Tech
  5. Return-to-play
  6. Return-to-learn
  7. Coordination of care
  8. Concussion Management Technology
  9. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) basics
  10. CTE Prevention Strategies
  11. Changing the Concussion Culture
  12. Concussion Prevention Strategies

How can I bring the ACT to my community?

Advanced Concussion Training is available worldwide. For more information or to schedule an ACT seminar in your community, email Cliff Robbins or call him at 201.803.8678.


“Any program would be negligent not to provide this vital information to all its coaches.”
-Carmen Roda, Westport PAL President

“Whether you are a parent, athlete, or athletic support, this presentation is worthwhile, interesting, and educational.”
-Tim Murphy, Harvard University Head Football Coach & 2011 New England Coach of the Year

“This course helps to convey the seriousness of concussions. Even after taking the online course for two years, I didn’t realize how common and how serious concussions can be.”
-Boston Public Schools Coach

“They presented a considerable amount of information I was not aware of and gave simple strategies that I can implement in season.”
-Boston Public Schools Coach

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