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The Concussion Legacy Foundation offers professional concussion consulting services to assist organizations with applying best practice guidelines, educational programs, and tools to improve player safety. Concussion consulting is available to all types of organizations, from professional sports leagues to private educational institutions, to help put them on the cutting edge of concussion safety. Through comprehensive policy revisions and educational programming, the Concussion Legacy Foundation can help you become a leader in concussion safety.

For information on our consulting services, email Cliff Robbins or call him at 201.803.8678.

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In 2013 WWE collaborated with the Concussion Legacy Foundation to incorporate concussion education into its comprehensive health and wellness program. Every WWE Superstar and Diva is required to attend a “Conquering Concussions” seminar led by the Concussion Legacy Foundation Executive Director and former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski, aimed at preventing concussions and increasing the reporting of concussions when they do occur.

“Our partnership with the Concussion Legacy Foundation is a key component of WWE’s talent health and wellness program. Talent is the only natural resource that WWE has, and we are committed to their well-being.”
-Paul Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent and Live Events, WWE

Major League Lacrosse

The Concussion Legacy Foundation and Major League lacrosse, the premier professional outdoor lacrosse league, partnered to create an innovative comprehensive concussion program for the 2013 season. The policies combined best practices from peer sports leagues while adding new elements focused on concussion education, reporting, assessment, and management. For the 2016 season, the Foundation and the league partnered for Concussion Awareness Week. Throughout the week, the organizations, teams and players engaged fans and the lacrosse community through social media and events to educate on the seriousness of concussion. Check out photos of Concussion Awareness Week in the photo gallery. The Concussion Legacy Foundation continues to advise MLL to this day.

“Concussions are a critical issue in sports today. We asked the Concussion Legacy Foundation, the experts in the field, to develop the most aggressive program in professional sports so that we can protect our players’ long-term health, ensure longevity of their careers and set a strong example for youth and college sports programs to make concussion care and training a priority.”
-David Gross, Major League Lacrosse Commissioner

The Ivy League

In 2010, the Ivy League launched the Multi-Sport Concussion Review Committee. Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founders Dr. Robert Cantu and Chris Nowinski have served on the committee since its inception. The committee advised the Ivy League to adopt progressive reforms in light of new research. Based on this advice, the Ivy League adopted several recommendations regarding concussion prevention and care in its football, soccer, lacrosse, and ice hockey programs, easily making it the safest college conference in which to play sports.

The Shipley School | Bryn Mawr, PA

The Shipley School approached the Concussion Legacy Foundation before the 2014-15 school year seeking to become a leader in concussion safety. Working together, Shipley School and the Concussion Legacy Foundation devised and implemented customized training plans for their soccer program to eliminate heading before student-athletes reach high school. The Concussion Legacy Foundation worked with Shipley's strength and conditioning staff to incorporate neck strengthening protocols for athletes to reduce concussive forces. Shipley also successfully incorporated Hit Count® devices into all its sports teams, giving coaches and medical staff critical information that allowed them to make data-driven decisions about player safety, preventing injuries before they happened.

Riverdale Country School | Bronx, NY

The Riverdale Country School partnered with the Concussion Legacy Foundation for the 2013-2014 school year to help better understand brain trauma in sports and develop a customized strategy to improve player health and wellness. Riverdale also hosted a Concussion Symposium led by Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founders Chris Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu.


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