Team Up Day: How to Participate

The goal of Team Up Day is to make sure as many athletes as possible hear a simple speech. The core message: that athletes have a responsibility to report to a team leader if they notice concussion symptoms in a teammate. Click on the link that applies to you to to learn exactly how to participate. Feel free to print and distribute these flyers.

How to Participate: Coaches & Leaders
How to Participate: Athletic Directors
How to Participate: Parents
How to Participate: Athletes
How to Participate: Organizations & Administrators

The plan is for all Team Up Day participants to:

Sign Up

Take the pledge. Invite your players, parents and colleagues to take the pledge as well.

Speak Up

Whether you're in the huddle or on the sidelines, do what you can to make sure the speech is given. To fight concussions, Team Up: Speak Up.

Spread the Word

Today: Post on social media that you took the pledge using #TeamUpSpeakUp. Tag a friend you think should take the plegde.

On Team Up Day, Tuesday, September 13th: Post a photo or video of the speech being given.

This fall: If you have a success story of a player speaking up for a teammate, nominate them for Teammate of the Year.


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