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Through education and prevention programs, and research with our Global Brain Bank partners, we are working tirelessly to End CTE

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Join the Race to End CTE!

We are excited to announce the first ever Race to End CTE. 

The Race to End CTE is a virtual walk, run or roll on or before May 21st. It provides an exciting opportunity for Legacy families to honor our loved ones, while raising awareness and funds for CLF’s efforts to End CTE. Participants can sign up for a 5k, 10k, ½ or full marathon. 

We would love to have you participate in honor of your loved one. Because it’s a virtual race, anyone can participate from anywhere, either individually, or by forming or joining teams. 

The Race to End CTE is an evolution of our partnership with the Cleveland Marathon, who is sanctioning the race, and where last year over 120 participants raised $278,000. 

Email Morgan Hicks at to learn more about the 2023 race.

Did you know CTE is the only neurodegenerative disease that is entirely preventable?

If we can prevent it, then we can End it.

Thanks to the generous contributions of more than 1,000 Legacy Donor families, researchers at the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank and others have learned that every person diagnosed with CTE has one thing in common: a history of head impacts, usually repetitive impacts.  In the vast majority of cases, we’re not talking about just a handful of concussions, but rather thousands of head impacts over the course of many years. The opportunity to prevent CTE has inspired our education programs like Flag Football Under 14 and Safer Soccer, which aim to eliminate repetitive head impacts in youth sports. Our hope is that if we can dramatically reduce the number of head impacts in sports and anywhere else they occur we can make significant strides to End CTE.

We can’t End CTE without brain bank and clinical research. They provide our best chance to learn how we can diagnose, treat, and cure the disease by 2040. Right now, we’re funding or supporting research programs to better understand how CTE impacts women, the military community, and contact sport athletes. Through the CLF Global Brain Bank, we’re uniting researchers around the world on this shared mission. Through our Clinical Research Registry, we are connecting former athletes to clinical research studies led by top scientists. Why are we working so hard to End CTE? Take it from the families below, who all lost their loved one to CTE.

We need you to help us End CTE! Below are the top six ways you can get involved:

Pledge Your Brain

Our research is revolutionizing the world's understanding of brain trauma. By pledging, you can help us solve the concussion crisis and end CTE.

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Donate to the Brain Bank

A gift directly supports Dr. Ann McKee her research team at the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank so they can accelerate scientific discoveries.

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Donate to CLF

Give now to support CLF's education and advocacy, patient services and research programs. 

We need your support
Refer someone to the CLF HelpLine

The CLF HelpLine provides personalized support to patients and caregivers suffering from the effects of brain injury. Reach out today. 

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Join Project Enlist

Project Enlist is serving as a catalyst for advancing critical research on TBI, PTSD and CTE among military Veterans.

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Research Programs

Our research is revolutionizing the world's understanding of brain trauma. By participating, you can help us solve the concussion crisis and end CTE.

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