Cleveland Advisory Board

Top Left to Right: Cleveland Advisory Board members Peter and Rita Carfagna with member of the Board of Directors Matt McKenzie. Rebecca Carpenter, Family Advisory Board member and daughter of former Cleveland Browns running back Lew Carpenter, with former Browns linebacker Frank Stams and member of the Board of Directors Liz-Nicholson Sullivan, wife of former Browns lineman Gerry Sullivan.
Bottom Left to Right: Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder and CEO Dr. Chris Nowinski with former NFL punter Zoltan Mesko. Former Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins holding his brain donor card with Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder and medical director Dr. Robert Cantu. 


The Concussion Legacy Foundation's Cleveland Advisory Board is a formal chapter whose goal is to deepen the Foundation's roots in Cleveland. Our community programs in Cleveland are focused on education, awareness and patient services, and our local advisory board helps bring those programs to as many people as possible with the greatest possible impact. Their dedication to the mission of solving the concussion crisis is essential to our local and national success.

Steve Buffo

Managing Director, Stout

Peter Carfagna

Chairman & CEO, Magis, LLC

Rita Carfagna

Vice Chairman, Captains Baseball and Captains Charities

Jim Convertino

Director, McGowan PAE

Arthur Lavin, M.D.

Pediatrician, Advanced Pediatrics

Jani Memorich

Associate Director, McGowan PAE

Zoltan Mesko

Account Executive, Snowflake

Dale Sheptak, D.S.Sc.

Associate Professor, Baldwin Wallace University
President, Cleveland Marathon, Inc.

Josh Staph

VP, Strategy and Digital, Standard Textile

Ricky Volante

Attorney, Buckley King; CEO, Historical Basketball League Enterprises, Inc.

Richard Zigmond, Ph. D.

Professor, Case Western University

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