Ben Lovejoy
NHL Defenseman
Ben Lovejoy Concussion Legacy Foundation

Ben Lovejoy is a defenseman who most recently played for the Dallas Stars in the NHL. Lovejoy played NCAA Hockey at Boston College for one year and Dartmouth College for three years. He turned down an offer to play professional hockey for the Montreal Canadians in his junior year of college, opting instead to finish his degree at Dartmouth. In 2007, Lovejoy signed his first NHL contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He then played briefly for the Anaheim Ducks before returning to Pittsburg, where he played all 24 post season games leading up to the Penguins’ Stanley Cup victory. In 2016, Lovejoy left as a free agent and signed with the New Jersey Devils. He was traded to the Dallas Stars in 2019. In 2017, Lovejoy became the first active NHL player to pledge his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation for research. He is married to Avery Eyre and has two daughters, Lila and June.


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