Angela Campigotto-Harrison
Creative, Fingerpaint Marketing
Angela Campigotto Harrison Concussion Legacy Foundation

Angela is a Group Creative Director currently working for the health and wellness company Fingerpaint, located in Saratoga Springs, NY. Angela has spent nearly 20 years working in health and wellness advertising and marketing.  The majority of her career has been spent working for agencies in New York City. She found her way to CLF after donating her father’s brain in 2016 and learning he had passed due to complications of CTE. After losing her father Angela was determined to put her years of experience to work for CLF to help reduce the impact of CTE on others.

Angela was instrumental in the creation of CLF’s Tackle Can Wait PSA and education campaign, which suggests we should view tackle football the way we view smoking – as an unacceptably dangerous activity for children. The PSA went viral across national news and social media platforms, and was recognized as one of the most influential campaigns of 2019 by MM&M magazine.

Angela was born and raised in Ohio and graduated from the University of Cincinnati before making her way to New York. She currently lives upstate with her husband, two sons and two dogs.


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