Brandon Boyd
Education Programs Manager
Brandon Boyd Concussion Legacy Foundation

Brandon Boyd joined the Concussion Legacy Foundation in July, 2017. Brandon now manages CLF’s education programs, including their Flag Football Under 14 campaign, their Concussion Legacy Captains ambassador program, and the CLF Media Project, the first and only concussion education program for sports media members and journalism students. Prior to joining the Foundation, Brandon joined Teach For America and was an Algebra I Teacher and assistant basketball coach at New Bedford High School in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Brandon grew up an avid sports fan in Bellevue, Washington, and majored in Communications at the University of Washington. During his senior year of college, Brandon wrote an article on concussions and CTE for which he interviewed members of the CLF team. The interview completely changed how he looked at the sports he grew up loving, and led to an immense admiration for the work of the Foundation from afar. Brandon is passionate about ensuring the continuity of sports and protecting the short and long-term health of youth athletes.

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