Meaghan Sheehan
Director of Development
Meg Sheehan headshot

Meaghan Sheehan joined the Concussion Legacy Foundation team as its Director of Development in January 2023. She brings decades of experience fundraising and event planning for healthcare, education, and arts & culture non-profits. Prior to her work in the non-profit sector, Meaghan utilized her B.B.A. from University of Massachusetts, Amherst for destination marketing and tourism, hospitality, and also founded Gemini Event Planning in Vail, Colorado.

Meaghan became aware of CLF while caregiving for a close friend battling Post-Concussion Syndrome after a concussion from a ski accident. She has also suffered multiple concussions growing up as a gymnast, dancer, and soccer player, and a competitive skier and triathlete as an adult. Meaghan is passionate about raising PCS awareness as well as making sports safer for kids, amateur, and pro athletes. Building relationships with patients, donors, and partners is her top priority. Their unique journeys are the foundation of CLF and help her development team create long-term impact to.further the organization's mission.


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