Rachael Perkins
Social Media & Graphic Design Coordinator
Rachael Perkins Concussion Legacy Foundation

Rachael Perkins joined the Concussion Legacy Foundation in March of 2022. She manages CLF’s social media platforms and projects. Prior to joining CLF, Rachael graduated from the University of Alabama, pursued entrepreneurship, and did freelance social media work for multiple organizations. 

Rachael grew up a huge football fan and even worked for the University of Alabama football program for three years where she assisted with recruiting and operations. Her dad, Coach Ray Perkins, passed away in December 2020 and became a Legacy Donor for the VA-BU-CLF Brain Bank. Attending the CLF Legacy Family Community Huddle event as a family member in February 2022 inspired Rachael to get more involved. She applied for the job shortly after and is excited to attend future Huddles as part of the CLF staff. 

Rachael enjoys using her knowledge and creativity for social media, along with her personal connection to CLF, to deliver the best results to grow awareness for our cause. Rachael hopes her work and personal story can inspire others through this role.

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