Research Registry

The CLF Research Registry

The CLF Research Registry comprises the Brain Donation Registry (BDR) and Clinical Research Registry (CRR). You may sign up for one or both.

BDR members will receive a digital brain donor card and informational brochure. The Concussion Legacy Foundation is proud to collaborate with the UNITE Brain Bank at Boston University, as well as members of the CLF Global Brain Bank: the Australian Sports Brain Bank, New Zealand Sports Human Brain Bank, the University of Sao Paulo, and Oxford University. For imminent brain donation matters, please call the respective brain banks directly.

Pledging your brain is a generous gesture that helps raise awareness for concussion and CTE research and allows your family to know your wishes for brain donation after death. It is not, however, a binding contract, and can be changed at any time.

See our brain donation FAQ here.

CRR members will receive regular communications recruiting them to vetted clinical research studies on concussions and CTE. CLF actively recruits subjects for studies led by the Boston University CTE Center, the University of California San Francisco, Johns Hopkins University, and more. Thank you in advance for committing your time and effort to these important studies.


Research Registry

Pledge Information

Basic Information

If your service ENDED before 9/11/2001, select "Pre 9/11"

This could be where you attended, graduated, work, or have another connection
Exposure Information
This section asks about your history of brain trauma exposure. Complete this section to the best of your ability regarding your knowledge of the patient's brain injury history. You do not need to have experienced brain trauma in order to sign up for the Clinical Research Registry or Brain Donation Registry. We encourage you to sign up regardless of your brain trauma history.


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