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The CLF HelpLine provides personalized support to those struggling with the outcomes of brain injury, as well as their families. If you or a loved one have suffered a recent concussion, are struggling with lingering symptoms, or are concerned about CTE, we want to hear from you.

Fill out the form below and a dedicated member of the Concussion Legacy Foundation team will be in touch as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or mental health crisis, please contact emergency services or the resources below for immediate support: 

If you you need urgent support with a specific concern in the US, the following organizations offer 24/7 assistance: 

If you are looking for accessibility assistance to complete a CLF HelpLine request, please email

Please scroll down to view our CLF HelpLine disclaimers, policies, and FAQ.


The CLF HelpLine is a resource to help you find the medical resources that you or a loved one need. It does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for medical treatment.

The CLF HelpLine is not an emergency services resource. If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, you should contact 911.

The CLF HelpLine is only monitored during regular business hours, and our response time will vary depending on the number of responses we receive.

Your HelpLine request may be shared with medical professionals or members of the CLF community in the course of fulfilling your request.

At this time, the CLF HelpLine only services the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. If you are outside these locations, please refer to our website resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CLF HelpLine?

The CLF HelpLine is a free online resource referral service which provides information, guidance, and support to patients and caregivers living with the symptoms of a concussion, post-concussion syndrome, or suspected CTE.

The CLF HelpLine scope of services include recommendations for medical and mental health providers near you, information about symptoms and treatment options, connection to our peer support network, and information about clinical research opportunities.

The CLF HelpLine does not provide direct medical or mental health services, case management, or crisis intervention and the CLF HelpLine does not charge a fee. Whenever possible, CLF HelpLine resource coordinators refer out to experts and organizations who provide services that fall outside our scope of services. 

Are you a crisis HelpLine?

No, the CLF HelpLine is not a crisis line. Our trained coordinators will help facilitate connection to crisis experts. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency or mental health crisis, please contact emergency services or the resources below for immediate support: 

If you you need urgent support with a specific concern, the following organizations offer 24/7 assistance: 

Brain trauma can impact mental health in children and adults. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional if you experience symptoms.

Can you diagnose my concussion or brain injury?

No. The CLF HelpLine is not a medical service and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.  

Does it cost anything for me to use the CLF HelpLine?

No! The HelpLine is a service the Concussion Legacy can provide for free, thanks to the donations of our supporters.

You will not be charged a fee for the service and CLF does not require insurance or healthcare coverage of any kind. You may share the name of your healthcare insurance provider with the CLF HelpLine for assistance finding an in-network medical or mental health provider; however, CLF cannot guarantee an in-network match and will not collect information about or bill your specific insurance plan. 

If you would like to make a donations to help keep the HelpLine running, click here

Can you help pay for my or my loved one’s treatment?

No. The CLF HelpLine does not provide or offer financial assistance of any kind. 

What hours does the CLF HelpLine run?

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. ET excluding all major holidays. All requests will be returned within three business days. Those made after hours will not be seen until the following business day. 

How will I know someone received my request?

After you hit submit, you will receive an email letting you know we have received your request and it will be processed within three business days. 

How will you contact me?

That is up to you. You can choose whether you’d like to be contacted by emailtext, or a scheduled phone call

Why is the information on the form important?

The information you provide helps us better understand what you or your loved one are going through and how we can be of assistance. It allows our staff to find the specialists and resources best suited to meet your or your loved one's needs. 

What do you do with the information?

Your information may be shared with a CLF staff member or medical professional if it is necessary for your case. Your information will not be shared with any third-party organizations without your consent except in cases where there is imminent risk of harm to self or someone else, or where otherwise required by law. 

What is the CLF Peer Support Connection Program?

The CLF Peer Support Connection Program is an opportunity to connect with someone who understands the unique challenges of being a patient or caregiver for someone with PCS or suspected CTE. Click here to learn more

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