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CLF Zoom Support Groups

Are you interested in attending monthly support group meetings via Zoom to talk with other patients and caregivers navigating persistent post-concussion symptoms (PPCS), also known as Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS), or suspected Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?

CLF is expanding our peer support programs for patients and caregivers looking for connection and community. 

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Post-Concussion Patients 

  • Meets 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday/month

Post-Concussion Caregivers

  • Meets 2nd Tuesday/every other month

Suspected CTE Caregivers 

  • Meets 3rd Tuesday/month

Suspected CTE Patients

  • Meets 2nd Wednesday and 4th Tuesday/month

Ambiguous Loss: Navigating Changes in a Loved One

  • Meets 4th Thursday/month

Concussed Moms

  • Meets 1st Thursday/month

CLF Canada Post-Concussion Patient Groups

  • Multiple weekly meetings (international welcome) 

1-on-1 Peer Support Connection Program

Are you a patient or caregiver looking for emotional support and guidance? CLF offers 1-on-1 connections to trained Peer Support Volunteers who know what you are going through. 

CLF has connected more than 300 patients and caregivers with dedicated Peer Support Volunteers.

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Connect With Support - click here to book Peer Support Placement Call

If you would like to connect with a Peer Support Volunteer, please book a call. Our team will reach out with more information about our programs and next steps.

If you are in Canada, please book here.

For more information, email or watch our short video


Become a Peer Support Volunteer

Become a Volunteer - Apply Today

If you are a patient or caregiver who has "been there" and you would like to become a Peer Support Volunteer in CLF's Peer Support Connection Program, we would love to meet you. Please submit a Peer Support Volunteer application to book a call with CLF's peer support coordinators.

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If you are particularly interested in volunteering for patients navigating suspected CTE, click here to learn more.  

Current Volunteers

1-on-1 Peer Support connections would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers. Current volunteers can access the Peer Support Volunteer Resource Hub here for information and support.

Have questions? Email  

CLF Peer Support Connection Become a Volunteer

CLF Facebook Resources Groups

Are you struggling to find peers who can relate to you or your loved one's struggles with PPCS or suspected CTE? Need to vent to people who get it?

Join our PCS Resources Facebook group or our CTE Resources Facebook group to connect with members of the CLF community. The groups are private, and monitored by CLF to maintain a safe, respectful environment for all members. 

These groups are a great forum for resources, support, coping strategies, and finding hope for those coping with or caring for someone with post-concussion symptoms or suspected CTE.

Concussion patients in Canada are welcome to join the CLFC Post-Concussion Peer Support Facebook Group as well. 

CLF Facebook Groups

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