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Spreading Inspiration through #ConcussionHope

For someone recovering from a concussion, maintaining hope is essential. Concussion recovery is not linear, and setbacks are common, but progress is always possible. We launched our #ConcussionHope series to spread positivity, inspiration and helpful advice for those battling concussion symptoms.

Each Monday, we post a new Hope video on our Twitter (@ConcussionLF) and Instagram (@concussionfoundation) pages. Be sure to follow us so you never miss a Hope video and scroll below to see the #ConcussionHope videos from advocates all around the world!

If scrolling through the #ConcussionHope videos and transcripts below will trigger your symptoms, click here to check out our YouTube playlist of Hope videos.

Concussion Hope

Posted: August 6, 2020 


Hope helps us keep going through our toughest challenges. Hope is the belief that there can be a better future, and it inspires us to take action. Hope helps reduce depression and improve mental health. 

Hope is a crucial component of recovery for people struggling with symptoms of concussion and Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Hope can also be contagious. Our #ConcussionHope campaign provides members of the brain injury community with messages of hope, inspiration, support, and helpful tips from people who have recovered or are currently recovering from a concussion. Each Monday, we post a new Hope video to our Instagram (@concussionfoundation) and Twitter (@ConcussionLF) pages. Follow us there to never miss a new video!

This community needs your message of hope! Check out this instructional PDF to learn how you can shoot and submit a Concussion Hope video. 

If you’re struggling with the effects of concussion and need connections to resources, treatment options, or support, please submit a request to the CLF HelpLine

Below, you'll find some of the examples of Hope videos posted to our Instagram:


There can never be enough hope in the concussion community. If you’d like to submit a video, check out this instructional PDF to learn how you can record and submit a Concussion Hope video. 

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