Esther Lovett's PCS Blog

Esther Lovett's Post-Concussion Syndrome Blog

College student Esther Lovett has suffered three diagnosed concussions and struggles with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). After she was forced to retire from soccer and miss her junior year of high school due to her PCS, Esther began writing a blog for the Concussion Legacy Foundation to help spread awareness about the effects of PCS and to reach others suffering with its pervasive symptoms. Below are links to all of Esther's content covering her experiences living with PCS.

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PCS may not go away immediately, but it almost always will with time. Check out the treatment options that may work for your symptoms. 

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Esther Lovett has struggled with PCS since middle school. She is now a beacon of hope for others struggling with symptoms for sharing her most personal, painful and inspiring experiences with PCS.

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