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A Powerful Documentary: "Football in America"

Bob Carmichael is a producer, director, and filmmaker who played Division I football at the University of Colorado. He is well-known in the sports world for several of his works but is most known in the football world for his Emmy-winning documentary, Football in America: 1982. It explores “the national obsession” of football in the United States and the dangers that come with the sport. Nearly 40 years later, many of the film’s points remain salient. In this story, hear Carmichael share some background behind the film’s successes and watch the film on YouTube.

Football In America

Posted: November 20, 2018 

By, Bob Carmichael


I submitted this film to the Sports Emmy group back in 1982. I was amazed when it got nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Sports Programming and shocked when my brother in law called me to say he had accepted the award for me. Our small crew consisted of me as director/cameraman/interviewer, and an assistant/sound person. Funding for the film was a PBS grant out of WNET in New York City. What was most telling to me was that the sports industry was acknowledging that there was a problem with the game of football and it deserved attention. Thirty-seven years later, with today's players bigger, stronger and faster, I want to thank Chris Nowinski and those at the Concussion Legacy Foundation for honoring our film, and its cautionary message once again.



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