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Renewed Purpose After PCS: Ryan Pamplin's Story

In a 2016 freak accident, Ryan Pamplin suffered a severe concussion and continued to struggle with Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) for nearly one year. During recovery he was unable to work and battled headaches, vision difficulties, and sleep disturbances. He became acutely focused on his health, and started cooking more and enjoyed making nutrient-rich smoothies. His newfound passion for health and nutrition throughout his recovery inspired the launch of BlendJet. In 2017, Pamplin co-founded BlendJet, the portable blender, to make it easier for people to make healthy decisions on the go. He now serves as CEO of the company.

Ryan Pamplin Concussion Legacy Foundation

Posted: August 5, 2020


“I was really motivated coming out of my injury to do something about the injury that would make it so I could look back and be glad that it happened,” Pamplin said.

In this CLF Personal Story video, Pamplin vividly details his toughest days with PCS feeling like he was in a “mental jail,” and how he was able to make it through.

“There’s just no relief,” Pamplin said. “You lay down you want to get some sleep; you can’t get good sleep. For me I had terrible vivid dreams every single night so I would wake up just drained emotionally and physically from the dreams. I would go back to the doctor and the doctor would just say, ‘give it time.’”

After about three months, Pamplin was able to slowly return to reading and spending limited time on his phone.

“It was just over time building up my tolerance of what I could actually do to get back to a place that I could function like a normal human,” Pamplin said.

He hopes sharing his recovery success story will encourage and inspire others.

“There is comfort in knowing that other people have come out the other end of it and survived and thrived,” Pamplin said.

Are you or someone you know struggling with lingering concussion symptoms? We support patients and families through the CLF HelpLine, which provides personalized help to those struggling with the outcomes of brain injury. If you are seeking guidance on how to choose the right doctor, find educational resources, or have any other specific questions, we want to hear from you. Submit your request to the CLF HelpLine and a dedicated member of the Concussion Legacy Foundation team will be happy to assist you.




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