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Shane Bannon: My Concussion Tribute™

A former football player for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Yale University Bulldogs, Shane Bannon is a member of the Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF) board of directors. He currently serves as Head of Canvas FRG, a research arm of Point72, where he oversees a group doing research in supply chain insights. He received his B.A. in Political Science from Yale University. Bannon is a Co-Founder and the Head of the Domus Junior Board, a non-profit that offers educational, residential, and community programs for Connecticut youth. He is one of many football fans and CLF donors making Concussion TributeTM donations throughout the football season to support the welfare of football players. 

Why am I making Concussion TributeTM donations?

I struggle when it comes to my relationship with football. I love it so much because of what it instills, and what it gave me – it provided me the pathway to meet my wife and provided professional opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. At the same time, there are systemic problems around the sport in terms of head injuries and long-term impact to players’ brains. 

That’s not to say I want football to disappear. The game is ingrained into American culture. I want to love the sport – I love the violence. I was the violence. I learned to stick my head down and not use my hands. I had to switch helmets out halfway into a season because the paint was peeling off. One training camp I had to replace my face mask several times.

But I want a way to make the sport safer, to spread awareness and education, and to find treatments for those struggling with injuries and their effects. I want young athletes to know what they are getting into. I certainly didn’t at the high school or even college level. I didn’t pay attention to head trauma until I was done playing and looking back on it, I definitely had teammates who had issues.

By taking part in Concussion Tribute™ donations, I want to offset some of the burden of guilt and enjoy football in a way that ensures I’m doing good for it in the long run. Ultimately, I hope scientific research helps advance football and I can still see a safe, responsible version of the sport I love 50 years from now.

Amount: $250

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: Through the Super Bowl

What are Concussion TributeTM donations?

Concussion Tribute™ donations are made to the Concussion Legacy Foundation to support the welfare of football players. Concussion Tribute™ donations are intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration for the players who risk their brain health every game for our entertainment. Many donors are serious football fans who take immense pride in giving weekly or monthly Concussion Tribute™ donations during the football season. The funds raised from Concussion Tribute™ donations will go to research and programs designed to prevent and treat concussions and CTE.

Throughout the football season, CLF donors will be sharing why they have signed up for a Concussion Tribute™ donations. Learn more and make your Concussion Tribute™ donation this season at


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