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Tom Gardner: My Concussion Tribute™

Concussion Legacy Foundation National Advisory Board member Tom Gardner co-founded The Motley Fool in 1993 with his brother, David, and Erik Rydholm. He now serves as its Co-Chairman and CEO. The company has twice been named as Glassdoor's #1 Best Medium-Sized Company to Work For in America, and has been included year-after-year as a top workplace in the Washington, DC area. Tom also serves as the lead advisor on multiple investment products, including Motley Fool One – the company's all-access investing advice service. Tom is a graduate of Brown University. He is one of many football fans and CLF donors making Concussion TributeTM donations throughout the football season to support the welfare of football players.

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Why am I making Concussion TributeTM donations?

I am making Concussion Tribute™ donations to ensure we continue the race to understand the risks of, and cure, CTE. 

I grew up playing and loving the sports that we now know create a prevailing risk of permanent, progressive brain damage. This includes contact sports like football, hockey, and rugby. It extends to sports like soccer and baseball with headers, collisions and foul balls.

Because of how these sports were designed, subconcussive and concussive hits to the brain are unavoidable. My Concussion Tribute™ donations are to speed the research, protect our athletes, and help families be fully informed about the risks to their child athletes.

Amount: $1,000

Frequency: Weekly

Duration: Through the Super Bowl

What are Concussion TributeTM donations?

Concussion Tribute™ donations are made to the Concussion Legacy Foundation to support the welfare of football players. Concussion Tribute™ donations are intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration for the players who risk their brain health every game for our entertainment. Many donors are serious football fans who take immense pride in giving weekly or monthly Concussion Tribute™ donations during the football season. The funds raised from Concussion Tribute™ donations will go to research and programs designed to prevent and treat concussions and CTE.

Throughout the football season, CLF donors will be sharing why they have signed up for Concussion Tribute™ donations. Learn more and make your  Concussion Tribute™ donations this season at


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