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About the CLF Media Project

The Concussion Legacy Foundation Media Project is the first and only concussion education program for journalists. The CLF Media Project consists of two parts:

1) The Concussion Reporting Workshop: A curriculum for university journalism programs to train the next generation of sports media professionals (Workshop U) or an in-person training for sports media organizations (Workshop PRO).

2) The Concussion Reporting Certification: Continuing education for working journalists to ensure appropriate concussion reporting as science and policy advances. Click here to get Certified

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Get Certified

The Concussion Legacy Foundation has designed the first and only concussion reporting certification for sports media professionals. The 20-question quiz will test your knowledge on the basics of concussion, how to properly describe concussions, what should happen during in-game concussion evaluations, and what to expect after a concussion is diagnosed. See which other media professionals are Concussion Reporting Certified and click below to get Certified.

Get Concussion Reporting Certified

22 Do's for Covering Concussions

Getting concussion reporting right is important for anyone in sports media. To help you cover concussions accurately and responsibly, we came up with a list of 22 Do’s for Covering Concussions. These 22 lessons cover things you need to know in four main categories:

  1. Before the Event
  2. At the Moment of Impact
  3. In-Game Concussion Evaluations
  4. After a Concussion is Suspected or Diagnosed

Download the 22 Do's, or learn more at our Media Toolkit.

Are you a broadcaster? We condensed our 22 lessons into a Fast Five for you to remember while you're on-air. Click here to download the Fast Five.

Media Toolkit

Our Media Toolkit is a warehouse of information to help sports media professionals cover concussions responsibly and accurately. You'll find guidelines, lessons, concussion protocols, videos, and much more on proper concussion coverage.

View the Media Toolkit. 

Shaping the public's understanding

Few public health issues have evolved as rapidly as concussions have over the last decade. No longer do we “rub dirt on it” and return players to the game or laugh when an athlete goes to the wrong sideline.

Unfortunately, while pro sports have adapted, the new guidelines for recognizing and responding to concussion have not reached every level of play. By staying current on concussions and accurately reporting on them when they occur in sporting events, the media educates hard-to-reach coaches, parents, and athletes.

Concussion Legacy Foundation Media Project Launch

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