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The Concussion Legacy Foundation Media Project's Concussion Reporting Workshop is a curriculum for university journalism programs to train the next generation of sports media professionals.

We partnered with Qstream, an interactive spaced-learning microlearning platform with a proven track record in improving performance in the healthcare and sales industries, to develop a set of questions to test your concussion reporting knowledge. Students at collaborating schools can take a 21-question challenge to test their knowledge on the basics of concussion, how to properly describe concussions, what should happen during in-game concussion evaluations, and what to expect after a concussion is diagnosed. Students are given the challenge before and after the Concussion Reporting Workshop to assess the growth in their concussion reporting fluency.

The Workshop is a three-hour session that includes:

  • Why good concussion reporting matters.
  • How the media has helped change the concussion culture over the last decade.
  • How changing the concussion culture will help protect athletes’ health.
  • Our 22 core lessons on accurate and responsible concussion reporting.
  • Video examples of concussion coverage for students to practice with.

Check out our first class of partner schools:

Boston University Syracuse University Northwestern University

If you are interested in bringing the Concussion Reporting Workshop to your school, please email Brandon Boyd at with your name and alma mater. We will provide all of the slides and curriculum for you to get started.

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