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How partnerships are powering Project Enlist

The mission of Project Enlist is to serve as a catalyst for research on military Veterans with TBI, CTE and PTSD by rapidly increasing the number of Veteran brains donated to brain banks for study. Brain bank research is an essential step in developing effective treatments for TBI, CTE and PTSD so we can protect and support the heroes who courageously fight for our nation.

Our Program Partners help power Project Enlist through networking, events and communications. With their help, we are creating a culture of brain donation within the military community, while also providing a service to Veterans through positive brain health messaging.

Project Enlist

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Check out our Project Enlist partners, and scroll down to sign up your organization. There are three partnership levels for Project Enlist funders: Foundational Partners, Leadership Partners and Mission Partners. There is no funding requirement to become a Program Partner.

If you have questions or would like more information on funding levels, email Morgan Hicks.

Sign up your organization here:

Project Enlist Partner Registration

Program Partner Expectations

  • Partner organization agrees to post the Project Enlist logo and mission on its website with a link to
  • Partner organization agrees to encourage Veterans to pledge to donate their brain to Project Enlist, and to learn about brain health best practices, through:
    • Social media posts
    • Email newsletters
    • Conferences and networking events
    • Podcasts, webinars and other media opportunities

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