Team Up Speak Up: How to Participate

The goal of Team Up Speak Up is to make sure as many athletes as possible hear a simple speech. The core message: that athletes have a responsibility to report to a team leader if they notice concussion signs in a teammate.

Learn how to participate in Team Up Speak Up Week with these printable illustrated guides:
Athletic Directors
Athletic Trainers

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#TeamUpSpeakUp on Social Media

We can’t change concussion culture without your help. We need people across the country to hear the #TeamUpSpeakUp speech and share the message to report to a coach or athletic trainer if they see a signs of a concussion.

Here’s how to help get #TeamUpSpeakUp trending on social media:

1. Share your pledge using #TeamUpSpeakUp

Pledge to participate in Team Up Speak Up Day and then tell your friends that you or your team will be joining the fight against concussions with the hashtag #TeamUpSpeakUp. Tag coaches, athletes, and parents that you think should take the Team Up Speak Up pledge.

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2. Share Your Speech

Record your coach or team leader giving the speech about looking out for teammates with concussions. The best video submissions could win our #TeamUpSpeakUp Video Contest!

Share your speech on social media using #TeamUpSpeakUp and tag the Concussion Legacy Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Giving the speech is easy! All it takes is a copy of the speech and a cell phone to capture it all on video. Check out how:


3. Take a Teamie!

It's the lesser-known sibling of the selfie! Take a photo with your teammates with arms around each other and an index finger in the air, signifying that you're teaming up and share that too! Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder and CEO Chris Nowinski and Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka took this teamie after Ditka pledged to #TeamUpSpeakUp.


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