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Make sure your team hears these core principles of the Team Up Speak Up Speech from a coach, athletic trainer, or team leader to set a positive concussion culture:

Point 1: We're a team, and teammates look out for each other.
Point 2: A teammate with a concussion needs your help.
Point 3: I expect you to speak up to a coach, athletic trainer, or team leader if you suspect a teammate has a concussion.

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How Team Up Speak Up Improves Concussion Culture 

Team Up Speak Up has coaches and captains tell athletes it's their responsibility to alert a team leader about concussion signs in a teammate because it's best for the athlete and best for the team.

It's a simple message, but the Team Up Speak Up Speech has the power to save an athlete's season, career, or even their life. Learn more about the origins of the speech and why it works:

A Speech Lost to History

In 1905, Harvard University Head Football Coach Bill Reid wrote a diary of the season. He documents the team doctor's annual safety speech to the team, in which the doctor said:

“In case any man in any game gets hurt by a hit on the head so that he does not realize what he is doing, his teammate should at once insist that time be called and that a doctor come onto the field to see what is the trouble.”

This speech from a person of authority to their team instructing them to report concussion signs in teammates has been lost to history. Without this instruction, many players still think they are being a good teammate by covering for a teammate with a concussion.

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Bill Reid Diary

The goal of Team Up Speak Up is to bring this speech back.

There are 44 million youth athletes in America. We want as many of them as possible to hear this simple message from a person they respect, whether it is a coach, athletic trainer, doctor, or team captain. The ultimate goal is to improve concussion reporting rates and strengthen team bonds. Whatever role you play, you can help us lead this culture change. Team Up, Speak Up.

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