Annitta Siliato
Executive Director

Annitta Siliato graduated from Latrobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Social Sciences with majors in Law and Criminal Psychology followed by graduate qualifications in Education, Training and Assessment. Annitta also has a certification in brain-based coaching. Annitta currently is an Education Manager and Commercial Law Lecturer at RMIT University in the School of Business and Enterprise but has also undertaken roles at RMIT as an International Marketing Officer, Academic Advisor and Wellbeing Project Manager for staff and students. Annitta also is the founder of Ei Centre which specializes in emotional intelligence training by helping others learn about brain health and wellbeing.

Annitta is now joining the Concussion Legacy Foundation after setting up the Headknock Foundation Program in Australia to assist her brother Paul who suffered memory loss, headaches and black outs in his late forties. He was diagnosed with Epilepsy in September 2016. Just four months after that diagnosis, Paul was medically approved to drive, but tragically on that very same day Paul had a seizure whilst driving which resulted in the death of his wife Maria. Unbelievably he was then charged with Manslaughter and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Neither the legal nor medical profession in NSW were interested in considering Paul's neurological condition as a factor in his case. 

Annitta later learnt about the possible links between Paul's past local AFL football days and his current neurological disorder. Paul had suffered multiple concussions during his sporting career. At the time of Paul's initial diagnosis, there was little education, support or guidance and she wondered how many others were unaware of the possible connection between sports concussions and neurological conditions. Annitta believed that by forming Headknock it may assist Paul as he struggled to cope with life and also provide a forum for others facing similar difficulty to reach out and be supported. Annitta identified that there was an urgent need to raise more awareness about the importance of sports concussions and to educate our legal and medical professions too. Annitta now wishes to expand that awareness by being part of the CLF with a deep passion to educate, foster belonging through support programs and most importantly raise funding for independent research.

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