Mark Henry
Olympian; WWE Hall of Fame
Mark Henry Concussion Legacy Foundation

Mark Henry is widely regarded as one of the strongest men to ever live. Henry became a national sensation as an Olympic weightlifter in the early 90’s, winning the United States National Junior Championships and finishing 6th at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships in Germany two months later. In his first year of competitive weightlifting, Henry broke all three junior American records 12 times and became the United States’ top Superheavyweight. He was described as an incredible raw talent by coaches and competitors.

Henry competed at the 1992 Olympics at just 19, and finished the 1996 Olympics despite a serious back injury. At 24, Henry was widely acknowledged as the strongest man in the world because of his combined competitive lifts. To this day, his five-lift weightlifting and powerlifting total is one of the greatest in history. 

Henry Transitioned to Professional Wrestling with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996. Henry’s long and commanding wrestling career brought him further stardom as World Heavyweight Champion and as a costar alongside performers like the Rock, Chyna, and the Undertaker. Henry announced his retirement from wrestling in 2017 and moved to backstage roles as a producer. In Early 2018, the WWE announced that Henry will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Henry lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Jana, son Jacob, and daughter Joanna.


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