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Why participate in research?

Research is the key that unlocks our ability to prevent and treat the effects of brain trauma. Brain bank research has provided undeniable evidence of how repetitive brain trauma affects behavior, thinking and memory. Clinical research on human volunteers plays an equally critical role in accelerating progress and can provide crucial insights on potential treatments. You can scroll down this page to learn about actively recruiting research studies that you may be eligible for.

First, watch Dr. Robert Stern, director of clinical research at the Boston University CTE Center, explain why you should participate in research.

Imminent Brain Donation
For imminent brain donation matters, please call the 24-hour emergency donation pager at 617.992.0615.

For imminent brain donation matters in Australia, email SPORTS Brain Bank or call the 24-hour line at (02) 8005 6891.

Sign up for the CLF Research Registry

The CLF Research Registry comprises the Brain Donation Registry (BDR) and Clinical Research Registry (CRR). You may sign up for one or both. All adults, with or without a history of sports participation or military service, are eligible to join the Research Registry.

BDR members will receive a personalized brain donor card and informational brochure. CRR members will receive regular communications recruiting them to clinical research studies on concussions and CTE. Click here to join the Research Registry or learn more.

If you are a researcher with a project you would like to collaborate with CLF on, please send us an email at and we would be happy to discuss how we may be able to work together.

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